Whether 3 dimensional consciousness is real or illusory?

b904856a2eca0cc96d6ec62227bbf167Just as a single or a 2-dimensional creature cannot appreciate or envision the 3-dimensional world, our consciousness bound by our dimensional limits is not expected to lead us to the reality of multi-dimensional universes (according to M-theory, there are 12 dimensions and 10 to the power of 500 universes in all). Thus what we see or experience with our sense organs is in all likelihood fractured or distorted. As Swami Vivekananda observed, if we humans had one more sense organ, the whole world would have looked different.


According to the Advaita (non-dualist) Vedanta, the entire world is a Maya or illusion. There is no existence except Brahman (God). It is God that evolves and involves. When IT evolves, Big Bang like expansion with the primordial sound ‘Aum’ happens. At the time of ITS involution/dissolution, Big Crunch will result and all the creations will shrink back into their ultimate source. This evolution and involution go on cyclically. This, according to Vedantic tradition, is the ultimate reality, and the rest illusory. A logical corollary deduced from the above postulate is that the consciousness that helps in uniting souls is real and the one that divides is unreal. Love unites. Therefore, love helps in perception of the reality. Hatred divides. Therefore, hatred drifts us from the reality.