10 Facts About The Third Eye All Humans Have But Don’t Know About

Our heads have a small endocrine gland which produces hormones responsible for modulating our sleep patterns. The gland is right at the center of the brain, between the two halves of the brain, at the thalamus joint. The gland is shaped like a cone and hence, called the pineal gland.

Believers say that the pineal gland, once activated to its full potential can let us travel through dimensions, look through the future and have the supreme knowledge of every unknown mystery of the universe. Let’s find out a bit more about this controversial “Third Eye” which may or may not be the gateway to Enlightenment.

1. The significance of pine cone

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The staff of Osiris, the Egyptian God depicts two serpents, intertwined with each other rises up and meets at a pine cone. It is quite similar to the representation of “Kundalini” awakening, a state of enlightenment in Hinduism, where two serpents rise spirally up to the pineal gland.

The magnificent pine cone at the Vatican, the pine cone in the hands of the Greek God Dionysus, in the hands of the Roman Gods, Bacchus, the pine cones in Free Masonic designs and Buddha with a pineal cone at the top of his head – they all have something to say.


2. The significance of the gland in the Vedas

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The Vedic energy system, often called the Chakra or the wheel of life, states that the pineal gland is directly linked to the Ajna or the third eye. The Ajna signifies the conscience in Hinduism and and it is that part of the brain which, when stimulated, can be used to achieve powerful feats.

Not only is Ajna the gland that makes the brain sensitive to light and determines our sleep cycle, but it also produces dimethyltryptamine, a psychedelic hormone, symbolized by two lotus petals.


3. The Buddhist connection

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The pine-cones in Buddha’s hair is not the only connection with the apparent belief that the pineal gland is the third eye. Quite interestingly, according to MahanayaBuddhism, it takes 49 days for soul to be reborn after death which is the exact time taken by the pineal gland to develop in a newborn fetus.

Scientists have studied brain scans of Tibetan Buddhist monks and found an increased activity in their pineal glands during meditation.


4. The pineal gland is an eye according to science

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Ancient Vedic texts and many mystic traditions all over the world have regarded the pineal gland as a third eye.

In 1886, E. Baldwin Spencer and H.W De Graff, two micro anatomists, discovered that the pineal gland has all the features of the external eyes such as the pigmented, retina cells, and it also responds to light directly as well as through the nervous pathways of the external eyes.


5. The Shiva Linga is actually the pineal gland

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Contrary to the theory that that the Shiva Linga represents a phallic symbol, many are of the belief that the Shiva Linga actually represents the pineal gland. The pineal gland of the human body is best stimulated in darkness.

Interestingly, the Shiva Linga is also placed in the darkest sanctums of the temples. The darkness is believed to be one of the reasons why ancient Rishis did theirtapasyas (meditation) in caves.


6. A blessing for the dark skinned

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Several theorists are of the opinion that people of darker skin color are superior to ones with lighter skin with regards to spirituality because of the melatonin secretion that aggregates melanin causing darker skin.

Prejudices had driven the western world (white dominated)to consider melanin to be of no use but with time, the multinational properties were acknowledged.


7. The spiritual drink of the Shamans in South America

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The practitioners of divine healing through rituals and interaction with spirits, the Shamans of Amazonian Peru are known for making an entheogenic brew known as the Ayahuasca, a traditional spiritual medicine.

Many claim that they have learnt the art of making the brew from the plants and spirits of the forest and the brew that causes spiritual revelations are made from plants containing dimethyltryptamine, a hormone produced by the pineal gland.


8. Swami Vikenanda and the pineal gland

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A Hindu monk and a Vedic scholar, Swami Vivekananda had mentioned the use of pineal gland while talking about Ojah, which means “strength” or “vigor”.

He says and we quote, “When the Ojas has gone from center to center and reaches the Pineal Gland (a part of the brain to which science can assign no function), man then becomes neither mind nor body, he is free from all bondage.”


9. How the pineal gland is calcified

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The calcification of the penial gland will close any doors that could be opened to a whole new realm of spiritual realization. However, artificial food, poor nutrition, bad exercise habits cause the gland to be calcified.

One of the most detrimental elements to the penial gland is fluoride which is present in abundance in the toothpaste we use everyday. Experts also say that contact to cell phone radiation is also a major contributor.


10. The conspiracy theory

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It is a common conspiracy theory that that 99% of the world is controlled by 1%. According to the conspiracy theorists, the information that we can actually open our third eye, experience more than we can imagine both physically and spiritually is a threat to the “them” because we will no longer be weak or depressed and will no longer need the consumer products for buying happiness and the healthcare industry will go down as well.

The potential of the human mind is beyond imagination!


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